Xiaomi beats Samsung to become top smartphone vendor in India in Q4 2017: Canalys

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21 Jun 2013
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Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung to become the top smartphone vendor in India in Q4 2017, according to a Canalys report. The Chinese player shipped close to 8.2 million smartphone units in the quarter, with Samsung closing in at 7.3 million. Canalys puts Xiaomi’s total market share at 27 per cent and Samsung’s and 25 per cent respectively. The top two vendors now contribute to more than 50 per cent of the smartphone market in India.

Xiaomi beats Samsung to become top smartphone vendor in India in Q4 2017: Canalys
3 years back I heard similar kind of news stating Micromax beats Samsung in India....
Now we know the condition of it ....,,😂😁😂

Just kidding
I think micromax can but micromax have a problem after one year of used some problems are occurred but mi have not it's my personal experience that's why micromax cannt record the position also price factor n facilities are also matter
But If Tried Producing Good Mobiles , Micromax can too beccome one of the Good Competetor in the Industry
Samsung does have some data to back up its claim. GfK, another analytical firm, keeps track of end sales to consumers, which is different than the shipping data used by Canalys. Actual sales numbers are considered a more legitimate metric than shipments because they include handsets that were actually purchased by consumers. Shipped phones could end up unsold, and sit in warehouses owned by carriers or retailers before they are shipped back to the manufacturer.

Samsung disagrees with Canalys report naming Xiaomi as the top smartphone manufacturer in India
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