XGen To Tap Tier-2 Partners


5 Aug 2011
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Home grown email server provider XGen, that has so far worked with large system integrators, is now scouting for tier-2 partners to target the SMB segment, and B and C class cities.

The product named XGen Plus is an advanced mail server and Web mail client which provides fast, secure and reliable emailing along with unified mailing service.

It is integrated with Webmail, e-marketing, social media, instant messaging, SMS, push mail, outlook connector, anti spam, antivirus and is ideal for ISPs, hosting companies, large enterprise, SMB, BPO, colleges and schools and the government. It has specially designed modules for organizations that require secure email communication between multiple branches, said Ajay Data, Founder, XGen.

“The product was developed in-house at Jaipur and is being used by our clients in the manufacturing, insurance and advertising, architectural, law and accounting firms. We have bagged a few lakh end users across verticals. We charge a minimal fee of Rs 800 per annum per user, or Rs 2.5 lakh for unlimited users in an organization,” he informed.

Stating that email security is of paramount importance for corporate customers, Data said that XGen has added encryption in the server itself. “For large enterprises, we are offering private infrastructure such as two-factor authentication (to read the mail), secure desktop client (for authentication) and Cryptography (hidden message in an image).”

Till date, XGen worked with tier-1 SIs, and has a tie-up with TCS to bid in large projects. “We never worked with a tier-2 partner. But this year, we are taking the retail route. The product is mature and can be delivered through partners. Initially, we want to address the market in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh. In 2012-13, we will take it to 100 B and C class cities. The plan is to tap partners in eight to nine cities each month,” he added.

source : crn
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