World's First: Onkyo launches AVRs with 11.4 DTS Neo:X Surround Sound


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6 May 2012
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Onkyo and DTS teamed up to bring the first 11.4 channel surround sound to your home theater.

At the top of the trio of new receivers is the TX-NR5010. It is the only one that's THX certified, but like the TX-NR3010, it can drive 9 speakers and has pre-outs for four subs as well as two more channels. $2999 is the price you'll pay for the best, with a $700 price break when you move one model down the line to the TX-NR3010. Last up, but still shipping in July with 11.4 support, is the TX-NR1010 with its seven channel amp at $1799. DTS Neo:X is the name of the up-mix technology that uses a single algorithm to take anything from a 2.0 signal to 11.1 and converts it to 11.4.

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