Will marry only after Salman does: Yuvraj


2 May 2011
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The smashing south-paw of the Indian team has more in his bag than just his cricketing gear. Yuvraj Singh talks of his stint on television, relationships, marriage and of course his passionate love - cricket. Excerpts

First up, what prompted you to appear on a reality show like this?

Emotional Atyachar is an interesting concept, where one finds out about couples and how their relationships can go wrong. The idea makes me curious as it is a way for couples to sort out their differences and know where their relationships stand.

Why do you think makes people stray in their relationships?

Relationships survive on trust and if that is broken at any point , it's pretty much the end of the
relationship. Besides, inability to communicate leads to problems.

Having seen the previous season's episodes, what comes to mind while watching cheaters getting caught red-handed?

It's never a good feeling to watch the whole showdown taking place and it's not nice to see someone's trust broken. Also, it's never just about the couple, there are other people involved as well -- families, friends and society. It's great if lessons are learnt from the show.

Personally, do you think it's necessary to expose the lying partner on national TV?
It's not my call when it comes to people deciding to test their relationships on national TV. It's the people who're prepared to come onto this platform to test the trust factor in their relationship. Everybody makes their own decisions.

Having been in relationships before, has the idea of straying crossed your mind?

Let's say, it happens when couples don't spend enough time together or don't communicate regularly. Then, the relationship is bound to be strained and that's also when people stray. Moving on to cricket, one expected to see you play in the West Indies tour. More so after being named the Man of the Tournament at the ICC World Cup. It is actually very simple, I fell sick and was unable to play. As a sportsman it is important to stay fit and I am in good shape to give my best to my game.

After that high, the IPL season didn't turn out to be as satisfying for the new Pune team, of which you're captain. Do you think there's an overdose of cricket now?

The amount of cricket we are playing has increased in the last few years and whenever somebody needs rest, the selectors are very considerate. In addition, it brings opportunities for younger players to show their caliber.

From being sidelined due to poor form to being celebrated for the World Cup, how has people's attitude towards you changed?

I actually do not worry about what people say. I just work hard and be with the team, family and friends. Fan support is equally important and our hard work will show when we play.

Aren't your parents asking you to settle down and marry after MS Dhoni tied the knot?

I will only think of settling down after Salman Khan, the other most eligible bachelor plans to settle down. We are eligible bachelors, but he's the rockstar so let him get married first, then I'll think about myself.
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