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Will AI take jobs or will it evolve jobs and create new industries?

8 May 2021
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Will AI eventually take all jobs that are currently done by humans? Maybe it will eliminate most jobs that don't have a technical background or most low-medium skilled jobs?

I am not talking about A.I as it is today or but in the future lets say 2030 - 2060

Or humans will be able to adapt to AI and find new sorts of work in an emerging industry (which doesn't really have to be in IT could be science etc) or re-skill and change their nature of their work or AI may even complement humans but not replace them.

Or AI is over-hyped and it will only ever slightly increase unemployment rate from the current percentage now to 20%-40% worldwide

Or there will be a utopia in 2060 where people get a universal basic income and where people do whatever they want such as travel, gaming etc and let AI take all the jobs and everyday will be like a weekend/public holiday.

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19 Dec 2019
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AI will take away a lot of jobs. It will create some jobs as well but the number of jobs lost will be far higher. Every new technology leading to automation has led to massive job losses. New technologies also create jobs but at a much lower rate. If we look at the develped world, a lot of jobs have been lost in manufacturing, jobs like cashiers at banks and large retail stores which now use automated checkout. Banks had a staff of 50 to 100 but now most branches have closed and the remaining ones operate with around 10 people. Take a look at the crowds in banks in India. Now imagine how many will disappear once they learn digital banking. Same has happened in the West. When I was working at Bank of America in the US in 1990s, automation was coming in but some older people were reluctant to use ATMs and online banking. In about 5 years, everyone learned and the staff went down from having 25 tellers to just 2. Same has already happened with several industries. Each business had a payroll department that had dozens of employees who generated paychecks. Now everything is done online by computers and there are just a couple of employees left to sort out issues. All this was the precursor to AI. Now AI will take it to the next level and several more categories of jobs will be lost.
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