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While buying a new phone with similar config and OS, does maker of Smartphone matter ?

Dhinakar Raj

3 Oct 2019
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Do they have different versions of Snapdragon 855 for Google phone and redmi phone? High quality and low quality?

D2h user

9 Oct 2016
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If I buy a good Snapdragon chipset
If I buy a good Snapdragon chipset with Amoled display and sony image sensor and Android One OS, will the maker of the phone matters? Should we care?

I mean.
it could be
Nokia or Xiomi or Samsung or Pixel phone. because the cost varies hugely. Please help to understand.
There's nothing better than Google's stock Android in Pixel phones!


News Columnist
News Columnist
13 Aug 2017
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At hardware level, is snapdragon 855 in Redmi K20 Pro anyway different from same in Pixel 4? Does snapdragon company supply chipset to Google and redmi or do they sell only architecture?
It's the exact same, pin by pin...


10 Nov 2017
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A simple experiment. Take 2 phones of a similar/same configuration, but brands: Redmi and Micromax.
Micromax phones will conk off within 12 months. Utter disgusting quality. Visit the service centre. They are in the most remotest areas even in city. Dilapidated buildings / store. No proper seating area or basic facilities. The persons providing the service appear like goons. Every time I visited, I have witnessed a heavy heated argument between some customer and the staff. Most importantly, when they fix the phone, they screw up something else. I had a Micromax Canvas HD purchased for Rs 11,999 in May'2013. Within 8 months, the display developed a weird dead area (not dead pixel). I went to service centre.
First resolution: They did nothing, just returned the phone as it is after 10 days. I submitted it again.
Second resolution: Display fixed, but now phone does not get any mobile network. I submitted it again.
Third resolution: Display, Network fixed, but now phone's WiFi and Bluetooth does not work. I submitted it again.
Fourth resolution: All fixed. But now WiFi range is less than 10 meters. If i move to next room, WiFi does not work.

I got fed up. Escalated to the highest level. Some executive called me and started yelling at me. IMAGINE. All this for screwing up my own phone. He said they will not entertain any further request as now my device is out of warranty.

Aug'2014: Bought Redmi 1S. Its been 5+ years. No problems at all. No service centre visit ever.

That's the difference. Not just the after-sales service. But the durability of the phone too, and its shelf life.
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