Discussion when could we expect similar repairable phones like Fairphone in India ?

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28 Apr 2018
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The new Fairphone 5. Designed for you. Made fair.

Fairphone comes with min 5 OS updates from android 13 , 5 year warranty , most parts are replaceable. cons price is costlier .
the processor used is QCM 6490 ( octa core ) ( optimized for long term support ) but it seems its not that efficient in high use .

hope similar device we could expect similarly in other phone manufacturers in future or at least same company enters in future and they improve optimization in processor in coming years. it would truly help in conserving nature and reducing e-waste .
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When I saw this for the first time. I was wondering same thing as well. Soon I realise that Indians are not rich as Westerners nor are they as caring as Westerners when it comes to conserving enviornment. I don't think even the ones who can afford Fairphone will go for it when they could get much superior device at the price point.
as caring as Westerners when it comes to conserving enviornment

Bite from same article :
While many high-income countries generate high amounts of plastic waste per person, they are also typically better at processing it safely, whereas middle-income and low-income countries still developing their infrastructure tend to produce a higher percentage of mismanaged waste plastic, which is more likely to find its way from land into the ocean.

Are people of that countries processing the waste? No the authorities are working in this direction. Similarly, our authorities need to work in that direction.
Also, many of my family members and friends live abroad and according to them Western countries don't believe in repairing things they just dumb it and bring themselves new. So, don't make statement like westerners are more caring than Indians do.
I agree with @iDJ bro to most of the points , though disagree about us not caring more about environment than them. even without repairing most often people here in India tend to use the phone or gadgets for long term. there is still unexplored niche the Fairphone company can aim at people who would support by purchasing phone and their other accessories. even consumers would be happy to have newer brand supporting modular feature . they spend more money on phone - just to see its value reduce or less support in few month or years . if they get better phone with upgradeable option along with repairable phone . so they would definitely support the company. in starting only few people might buy . gradually their sales would also increase.

I even agree with @hike bro regarding west countries practice of generation plastic waste/throw away culture . though it might seem little generalizing, .even in those countries there are some people who worked hard and still working to keep right to repair alive and make spare parts available to consumers. even our country is making progress toward right direction . Hope even in other countries they make all companies follow sustainable recycle, reuse ( through repair ) of electronic gadgets .
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