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WhatsApp update to bring feature callback, voicemail, videocalling & share ZIP file

21 Jun 2013
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WhatsApp will soon be bringing a bunch of new features with its updated apps for iOS and Android. The latest beta versions are available online and hint at new features like call back notifications, and the ability to send voice mails and ZIP files as attachments.

Post the update you will see a call back option when you are notified of a missed WhatsApp call. You will see a call back as well as message buttons to immediately reply to your friend, without actually having to open the app. The option seems to be available on both iOS and Android versions of the app.

The Voice Mail feature however is only limited to the iOS app. The feature, spotted by PhoneRadar , lets you record and send voice mails to your contacts. This option lets you record a voice mail when you can’t get through someone on a WhatsApp call. The report also states that the iOS app will be getting the video calling feature, which leaked recently.

WhatsApp is also bringing the ability to share ZIP files with your contacts. Recently, WhatsApp added the ability to share PDF documents with your contacts, in addition to formats like Docs and Docx. With the new update, it is also adding support for ZIP files.

These new features have been spotted on beta versions of the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS. In other words, they are still in testing mode and are likely to take a bit of time before they are widely released.

WhatsApp update to bring features like callback, voice mail, video calling and the ability to share ZIP files | Latest Tech News, Video & Photo Re...
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