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WhatsApp for Android Beta gets call back and voicemail feature


21 Jun 2013
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WhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging service used by more 1 billion users has been updating its app with tonnes of new features lately. Since the service added voice calling feature, there were reports that the messaging service will add call back and voicemail feature too.

Early this year in April, a translation document hinted at WhatsApp getting the feature. Now finally WhatsApp is rolling out the feature to its Android Beta program users.

The updated WhatsApp app is available to Android Beta user group and also available in the form of a signed APK from APK Mirror. Once WhatsApp version 2.16.189 is installed on your phone, try calling one of your existing contacts and the feature works regardless of the version installed on the recipient’s device.

With the updated app, when users call someone on WhatsApp and if the recipient declines of does not pick the call, the caller is greeted with a new screen which shows three options – cancel, call back and record voice messages.

The cancel option simply closes the screen while the call back option allows user to call back the person. With record voice message option, user can simply send a recorded voice message like voicemail. The recorded voice message option works exactly like audio message which is already available from the chat interface.

WhatsApp is currently testing the feature only with beta users and its unclear when the messaging service provider plans to bring the option to more stable builds. WhatsApp earlier introduced a beta build with video calling option before pulling it down.

WhatsApp earlier this week got a new font option. Users can access the new font by typing the grave accent symbol (`) three times before and after a message. The message gets monospaced with plain text font.

Earlier leaks indicated at WhatsApp testing improved music sharing features with native support for Apple Music and even added support for replying to a particular message.

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