WhatsApp Pay now offering Rs 51 cashback on first 5 transactions


30 Apr 2011
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Rs 51 cash back from WhatsApp payments now...

So many people that not gave attention towards Whatsapp pay (including me) will start joining it.
WhatsApp pay will not give much cashback offers as they already know that most of Indian smartphone users are already on board and they only need to give push notification for UPI transection.
But this is surely going to put people in deep trouble as payment request could be made by any cyber fraudster and make people fool and they'll giving it approval may lead to serious problem.
This market is so crowded, but still this offer is so lucrative that many of us will be signing up. But the catch is that, the offer isn't available for everyone. It's only for certain beta users for whom the banner is shown. By the time people realize this, they would have already signed up. However, I personally feel that WhatsApp should have given a lesser valued offer, but for all the users who sign up. We need to see how this plays!
Meta's (Facebook) offers are always aggressive. I made a recharge on Facebook. I think for ₹48. I got a BMS voucher of ₹100 in 2018.
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