WhatsApp backup folder starts to show up on Google Drive


21 Jun 2013
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You must have been advised multiple times to take a backup of your WhatsApp data every now and then, and especially when you switch smartphones. It is undoubtedly a good advice and helps you restore most of your data with just a tap. For Android users, every time they backup the content, WhatsApp settings show them an option to put it up on the cloud on Google Drive . However, if you are an Android user, this thought definitely would have crossed your mind — even after backup, why can’t I see my WhatsApp content on the drive?

Well, that’s a genuine question. The backup has been processing in the background, you can instantly restore content, but users have not had an access to that content on the drive. However, according to a report by Android Police , Android users are now able to see a visible WhatsApp backup folder on their Google Drive.

Some people have now started to see a new Backups folder in the web interface and the mobile app version of Google Drive, just below the Trash in the left navigation pane. It sits separately, below the regular list of sections, and expanding it reveals all the devices and apps that are using Google Drive for their backups. When clicked, it shows a list of their backups. If they then select any one of those, they have the option to delete it (for Android system backups), or also turn off the backup functionality (for WhatsApp). If a user wants to turn off automatic backups for Android apps and games, they’d need to use the dedicated menu in the Settings of their device.

The backup feature on WhatsApp was introduced back in 2015. For the backup to work, Android users have to connect their Google account with WhatsApp, for iOS users the backup runs on the iCloud. Users can choose to backup the data on daily, weekly or monthly basis, or only when they ‘tap on backup’. In case, the users have too many videos, they can also choose to exclude them. Backup can be done using a Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi + Cellular, whichever is available.

To simplify it further, go to, Settings -> Chats and Calls -> Chat Backup. There you’ll see Last backup & Google Drive Settings. Under Google Drive Settings, choose the type of backup, Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Only When I Tap ‘Backup’ or Never. Next, select the Google Account (either from the ones already added, or you can add one too).

WhatsApp backup folder starts to show up on Google Drive
Google Drive Gets Backups Tab on Web and Android, Gives Access to App and Device Backups

Google Drive has been backing up and restoring data for several devices, as well as apps and games in Android smartphones, for years, but it was difficult to access these backups, as these were mostly hidden in the vortexes of cloud storage. Now, Google has introduced a dedicated tab for Backups right on the home screen for users to tweak and delete backups of desired apps when necessary.

Android Police first spotted that the Backups tab is showing up for the Web client for some users, and then, became accessible via the Google Drive Android app (update to latest version 2.4.452.14). In the app as well as the browser, the Backups tab is now visible in the side menu at the bottom. Clicking on this tab reveals all the smartphones, apps and games that have been backed up. Each individual app and game backup can then be turned off or deleted as per the user's discretion.

It's important to note that not all users have received this feature, and it could be that Google is rolling it out in phases. For those who don't have it, can see which apps are using how much storage by heading to drive.google.com >Settings > Manage Apps. In the Android app changelog, Google writes, "Stay on top of what apps and Android devices are safely backed up to Drive thanks to the new Backups view."

In an update in September, Google improved its Drive to make searching a lot easier. The update brought support for Natural Language Processing (NLP) which means users could search for files in Google Docs with natural, conversational language syntax. The second feature introduced was the 'Did you mean' search suggestions that essentially autocorrected typos in queries. Drive's new feature enabled typo corrections to misspelled search terms.

Google Drive Gets Backups Tab on Web and Android, Gives Access to App and Device Backups | NDTV Gadgets360.com
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