WEEDS is a complicated series currently airing


14 Oct 2011
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Weeds DVD is a complicated series currently airing on the cable network SHOWTIME, the same corp. that brought us DEAD LIKE ME and other controversial storylines. And WEEDS certainly is wonderfully bizarre. Grey's Anatomy DVD The series producers also put in a deaf and sexually promiscuous girlfriend for Nancy's son, Silas. This added an entirely new dimension to Silas' character as he's forced to grow-up without a father to guide him through this teenage sexual minefield and he finds solace with the deaf girl's household more than with his own whenever internal family problems arise.
CSI Miami DVD This first season took about two episodes to get rolling, but once it did there was no stopping it. You really need to open your mind to the possibilities surrounding this show. It's not JUST about drugs. Gossip Girl DVD It's about the people that are shoved into this niche group for the sake of survival, and it's captivating to watch how their flawed lives intermingle. Pot smoker or not, these characters are headed for interesting days. Family Guy DVD Season two has already been purchased by SHOWTIME, which would indicate WEED might be picking up speed and continue smokin' for some time.
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