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VMware Shows The Light


5 Aug 2011
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Under its Lighthouse Partner Program, VMware is developing competencies around server virtualization, cloud computing and desktop virtualization to tap emerging market opportunities. For starters, the company has introduced the Virtualization of Business Critical Applications competency to tier-2 partners.

The competency allows partners to implement business-critical applications for business continuity. VMware would provide the partners with a toolkit that has the IPs of the templates around services. Trained and certified Lighthouse partners can download and monetize these templates for recurring revenue. 12 partners have signed up for the competency so far.

“Lighthouse is an early start. We’re developing more competencies around Zimbra, SpringSource and management tools,” said Ganesan Arumugam, Director, Channels, VMware India.

As part of the Lighthouse program, the company is providing sales and technical training in VMware technologies and helping partners architect end-to-end solutions. Among the partners who have signed up for the Lighthouse program are Sunfire Technologies, Veeras Infotek, Pentagon, Wysetek, Netmagic and Sify.

VMware is also keen to promote its cloud services through partners. “We are seeing traction in the cloud, and some tier-2 partners have implemented messaging and mailing solutions on Zimbra. More partners now want to do business around VMware cloud offerings,” said Arumugam.

To capitalize on the fast-growing desktop virtualization market, the company has announced changes to its software platform, vSphere. Explained Arumugam: “VMware’s cloud infrastructure is architected to be deployed as the foundation for public cloud services. This model creates a hybrid cloud environment, and is aimed at enterprises, public cloud service providers and SMBs.”

source : crn
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