Verizon Wireless Spring roadmap leaked, 10 new phones coming your way

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Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile phone
network in USA and in the past few years, they
have launched several good devices. Back in 2009,
they launched their first ever Android device which
is known as the Motorola Droid, also one of the most selling Android devices in USA. At the
moment, Verizon Android line is very strong and
now it looks like they are planning to add plenty of
Android devices in their line-up. According to our
friends over at Phandroid, they got their hands on a leaked shot of Verizon Wireless Spring roadmap,
which is showing that Verizon is planning to
introduce at least 10 new phones, in which 9 are
Android and 1 is WP7 powered phone. Well, if the
screenshot is legit then it’ s confirmed that Verizon has something big up their sleeves. The roadmap is also showing two Mi-Fi and one
USB device, which is launching tomorrow according
to the schedule. And as you can see HTC Thunderbolt, which is already available at Verizon gives hint that the roadmap is legit. It seems that
Casio Commando is a rugged Android powered
device as its water proof and the name also
suggests that it’ s a powerful phone. This phone is launching along with the Samsung Charge (previously known as Samsung Stealth), which is an Android powered device and Samsung first LTE
device. It’ s launching on 7 April. A few days ago, we say the SE Xperia Play with Verizon branding which confirmed it that the device is headed to Verizon and according to the
roadmap, it’ s launching on 14 April. And the very next day, Verizon will launch HTC Trophy which we
all know is coming to Verizon and it’ s a global phone. Verizon is also planning to launch
successor to HTC Incredible in April too. Obviously
the successor is known as the Incredible 2 and it
will be launched on 28 April. In May, Verizon is planning to bring some super
phones. According to the shot, they are planning to
launch LG Revolution, Motorola Bionic, Motorola
Droid X2 and Samsung Galaxy S2. LG Revolution is similar to LG Optimus 2x and it ’ s a 4G Android powered phone, and it’ s scheduled to hit Verizon on 5 May. And about the Bionic, Droid X2 and Galaxy S2 , they are scheduled for May release but no words on the release date. Well friends, that’ s all we know about the new upcoming phones. I am not giving any guarantee
on the release date as they are not confirmed, so
better wait for official words from Verizon. So stay
tuned with us and tell us that are you excited about
Verizon ’ s new upcoming line-up?
We are yet to experience full-fledged 3G service. We have to for another 3 or 4 years for 4G.
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