Veltronics To Deploy E-Challan Solution For Indore Traffic Police


5 Aug 2011
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Veltronics India, Indore-based solutions providers and a nominee of the CRN Xcellence Awards 2010, has signed an MOU with Indore traffic police to provide devices that will issue e-challans to violators on the spot.

Sanjay Rana, IG-Indore Range and Pawan Shrivastava, DIG and SSP-Indore have endorsed the project. According to Sanjay Singh, ASP-Traffic, Indore, the system will be implemented within a fortnight.

As part of the project, the Indore traffic police will be provided with devices capable of reading data from the license and registration cards. The device enables to connect to the centralized server containing all the details of the driving licenses and vehicle registrations issued by the RTO. Besides remote validation of the registration and license data, the challan can be issued on the spot with the details of location and kind of offence.

“We are offering a solution in which a card reading device, with Bluetooth connectivity to a printer, is connected to the centralized server having all the registration and license details from RTO. The device is connected to the centralized server through GPRS/3G connectivity,” said Vikas Gupta, Director, Veltronics India. “We are under discussion with the police regarding the cost of the project, which may be around Rs 6o lakh, inclusive of the cost of hardware, software, and implementation. Procurement of hardware will be through the bidding process from the department. Initially, 20 such devices will be provided along with a centralized server. To cover all the checkpoints across the city, 74 more devices will be provided later on.”

This solution can also offer an opportunity to tame chronic offenders. With the data getting stored in the centralized server, traffic police will be able to see the history of offences and may suspend the license of chronic offenders. It will also help detect the stolen vehicles.

“We will offer similar customized solutions including order processing application for mobile devices. These solutions may also be offered on per user per month basis. We are keen to work with IT solution providers in other cities in India to deploy such solutions in their regions,” said Gupta.

source :crn
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