VCE Teams With SAP For Cloud


5 Aug 2011
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VCE has become a SAP global technology partner, through which it will help customers deploy the virtualization and cloud technologies to simplify and automate their mission-critical applications.

As a SAP global technology partner, VCE and SAP will work closely to provide customers with solutions, services and support for their SAP applications running on Vblock infrastructure platforms, which integrate technology from Cisco, EMC and VMware into an automated and standardized IT infrastructure.

The association would benefit customers with reduced time to provision new SAP application servers from weeks or days to just minutes, hardware and software investments by up to 19 percent by using scalable servers and virtualization management tools, lowered implementation costs up to 32 percent because of reconfiguration of virtual machines and the use of pre-configured templates, saved up to 25 percent in continuously optimized project costs resulting from reduced system management and the ability to add or remove virtual machines on demand and an improved database and application performance by up to 50 percent, resulting from best-of-breed hardware, optimization and tuning.

Technologically, partnership would provide SAP and VCE early access to products for development and testing, co-development of new solutions and best-practices, joint customer service and support, joint executive, sales, marketing and training initiatives and customer case studies.

Kevin Ichhpurani, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, SAP said, “This global technology partnership provides a framework for a variety of collaborative efforts designed to bring together the cloud and virtualization technologies enabled by VCE converged infrastructure with SAP software and applications to help customers be more efficient and lower costs. Teaming with VCE demonstrates the value and innovation provided to customers through SAP's customer-focused partner ecosystem."

source : crn
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