Unlimited 5G Data Offer for Airtel 5G users using the Airtel Thanks app

These speeds are only achievable on Jio SA network, Airtel NSA won't give such speeds so the data consumption will be lower 😅
Yes. Still 300GB is day light robbery by Sunil Bharti Mittal. Also checkout their other plans which got updated today. 100GB for 999 is too less when you are paying so premium for sh#t network. Airtel still remains useless network in many parts of the country. They are slightly in better position because of lack of third strong player and lack of 4G from BSNL. I hope everything sorts out for third player and BSNL 4G will be reality by this year end. If not, DoT should release as much as spectrum as possible. Jio cannot handle the country's load on 100Mhz. Jio needs more spectrum on Air.
Airtel’s unlimited means 300gb ?? 🤔🥲

i feel you are referring to terms and condition posted before 5g launch

visit here Airtel Terms & Conditions

then click on Unlimited data 5G offer
  • Airtel 5G plus is available in selected areas, depending on the network availability unlimited 5G data can only be used in 5G Network areas.
Second point.

linked provided by you in listed 455 and 1799 also. and as per airtel these are not allowed for any unlimited 5g offer. so dont refer these pre-5g t&c
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Bro, you must be happy that Airtel is so generous to NOT consider 100GB as unlimited.
have you tried and experience speed drop after 300gb?

I am not sure of your claim that calls made on n28 band are VoLTE.

I believe they are Vo5G because n28 and n78 are used purely for 5G and since it’s Standalone deployment, calls made on such network are Vo5G.

Your hardware engineer will have no knowledge of software used for making calls. Rooted Pixel with Network Signal Guru app shows that call type is Vo5G.

All Vo5G calls will be made on n28 band due to it’s penetration power.
When calls made through n28 the icon is same that is volte as can be shown from top navigation icons beside signal icon.
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