Union Bank Launch HPCL RuPay Co-Branded Contactless Credit card (Offer & Details)


21 Sep 2020
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Union Bank Launch (UNI CARBON) HPCL RuPay Co-Branded Contactless International Credit card (Offer & Details):


Welcome Benefits -
Welcome bonus up to Rs.300, by way of credit to Bill. The customer has to purchase fuel worth of Rs.300/- and above at HPCL Authorized Fuel outlet within a period of 60 days from the date of activation of the card.

Joining Fee (one time) - Rs499
Annual Fee - Rs. 499

Rewards Program -

On every Rs.100 spend on non-fuel transaction 2 reward points to be allotted to cardholder.
1 Reward Point = Rs. 0.25
i.e., for every Rs. 100 spend on above transactions cardholder will earn Rs. 0.50.

A) Cash back Benefits -

16 rewards on fuel spends with a minimum transaction of Rs.500 and above at authorized HPCL outlets which would be equivalent to Rs.4.00 cashback on every Rs. 100.00 spend (4% Cashback) up to a maximum of Rs.150 per billing cycle per card.

HP Pay App - 1.50% cashback in the form of 6 payback/Reward points (1 Payback = Re. 0.25) on transactions made on HP Pay App through UBI HPCL Co-branded credit card.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver - 1% Fuel surcharge waiver for transactions of Rs. 200 and above at HPCL authorized outlets with a cap of Rs.100 per billing cycle. The total fuel surcharge waiver will be exclusive of the overall cashback of Rs. 150 per month offered as cash back benefits.

Milestone Rewards - On reaching spends of Rs. 1,25,000 in a year, Cardholder gets additional rewards in the form of milestones rewards.

Incremental Rewards on each Rs. 25,000 spend as under -

On reaching Annual spends (Rs.) -
1,25,000 – Additional Rewards points Earned – 500 – Cumulative Rewards points Earned – 500

On reaching Annual spends (Rs.) - 1,50,000 – Additional Rewards points Earned – 600 – Cumulative Rewards points Earned – 1,100

On reaching Annual spends (Rs.) - 1,75,000 – Additional Rewards points Earned – 700 – Cumulative Rewards points Earned – 1,800

On reaching Annual spends (Rs.) - 2,00,000 – Additional Rewards points Earned – 800 – Cumulative Rewards points Earned – 2,600

For every spend of Rs. 50,000 beyond Rs. 2.00 lakh, customer will receive additional 1000 rewards

Cardholders will be able to enjoy many benefits and offers provided by NPCI from time to time including entertainment, lifestyle, travel, shopping, food delivery etc.

Redemption - Redemption of rewards can be made in the form of cash back or through Union Rewards or any other Loyalty program

Redemption of rewards can also be made in the form of fuel at HPCL petrol pump/HP pay subject to technical feasibility. Each reward is equivalent to Rs.0.25.

Accidental Insurance Coverage - Rs. 10.00 lakh




UNI CARBON RuPay Credit card Official Launch Video -

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It's not 'Live' yet.
I had Union Bank's Platinum card till 2-3 months ago, bank deactivated the card due to non-usage.
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