Seeking Help Unable to use 4G on both slots at once on Nokia 6.0


1 Feb 2019
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On my Nokia 6.0 phone I have two SIMs - Airtel primary and Jio secondary - I have selected Airtel SIM for 2G/3G calls and SMS and the Jio SIM for 4G data (I have disabled voice even though it works).

My query is - I am unable to enable 4G (and thus VoLTE) on both SIMs at the same time, I have to disable 4G on the Jio SIM to enable 4G on the Airtel SIM. Thus I cannot use my Airtel SIM for 4G VoLTE and use my Jio SIM for data only, at the same time.

Is this a limitation of my phone/android? If so, which Nokia models have capability to run both SIMs with 4G (and VoLTE) at the same time?

I believe Nokia 6 doesn't support dual 4G VOLTE. You have to use one SIM on 4G while the other gets reduced to 3G or lower. This is a device restriction.
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