Trend Micro Unveils Hacker Traps


5 Aug 2011
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Trend Micro says it can catch hackers in action breaking into networks and trying to steal secrets with a new line of network-analysis tools and security services.

Branded Real-Time Threat Management Solutions, Trend Micro's approach includes network appliances monitor network traffic for telltale signs of hacker entry or malware, such as outbound botnet traffic calling back to its master control point.

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One appliance, called the Threat Management System, provides visibility and monitoring to detect real-time evidence and alert of hacker break-ins or malware infections. This appliance can be set up to work with another one called the Threat Discovery Appliance, to automatically launch a mitigation and cleanup effort. Trend Micro acknowledges it's out to compete with products such as the NetWitness NextGen visibility monitoring system, recently acquired by RSA.

"This is about Advanced Persistent Threats," says Dan Glessner, vice president of enterprise marketing at Trend Micro, referring to the term often used today to describe stealth attacks aimed at stealing sensitive information and intellectual property of economic or military value.

Trend Micro also announced a software-as-a-service offering called Threat Intelligence Manager that can used to centrally collect logs in order to discern suspicious events. At present, this log collection is only being done for Trend Micro products, specifically its new threat-management line, plus OfficeScan and Deep Security (also see: "Battle looms over securing virtualized systems"). The service starts at about $15,000 and the appliances at about $20,000.

Trend Micro is also entering a new area by offering what it calls Risk Management Services in which both Trend Micro employees and channel partners certified under this program will provide various levels of support directly to customers using Trend technologies.
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