Tip: Improve FM Radio Reception Easily.

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30 Apr 2011
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Hi Friends,

FM Radio has become quite popular with private operators starting their services years back. FM or Frequency Modulation band ensures clear crisp sound and in higher-end music systems, the stereophonic effect is mesmerizing.

FM Radio Band: 87 MHz to 108MHz


However sometimes we are not able to enjoy the music due to weak signal reception etc. In this article we will see a few techniques of improving reception. However note that this holds good only for radios/music systems with an external antenna input or a telescopic antenna.

This article will be an ongoing one with new innovations bein added on a regular basis. So lets start with a basic simple antenna.

Technique 1: Dipole antenna
Take a metal cloth hanger, ideally Aluminium one. Plastic or Wooden hangers will not serve the purpose. Connect any copper core insulated wire (I prefer RG6, reason being lower signal loss and immune to interference due to stray signals) .
Now hang the contraption in an open space at a height and connect the other end of the wire to the antenna of the radio/antenna input socket.
(FM Reception quality increases as altitude or height increases).
This antenna is directional, meaning the reception can be enhanced by rotating it. I will show another non-directional antenna in another section.



Technique 2: Using metal F-connector of STB to improve reception
Another thing that works wonders is connection of radio aerial to the outer metal part of F-connector. Some interference noise may be there in the frequencies between 2 radio stations when the STB is on but I have found it to be very good.


NEXT: We will see a non-directional antenna with no need of rotation.

To Be Continued...
Very nice tips brother. :tup
Technique 3: Omni-Directional Antenna
So now we move ahead and build a omni-directional antenna without the need for rotation to optimize reception.
Take a copper wire or enamelled wire of thickness of sufficient guage. Wind it on a circular container and shape it as shown in the image.
Connect the terminal of the antenna to telescopic antenna / antenna input.
Mount the coil dipole antenna on a pole or a wooden stick on the terrace or open space with no walls, trees or buildings blocking FM Waves.




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