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5 Aug 2011
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There seems to be no end in sight to the slew of new cases announced for Apple's third-generation iPad. Since last Wednesday's announcement, we've already had two roundups--Part 1 and Part 2--of new gear. As we continue to watch for more new iPad-protection products, here's our third roundup, with all its device-saving splendor.

Ballistic: The company's Touch Jacket Series case (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $70) offers three layers of protection: silicone for shock absorption, hard plastic for structural integrity, and polymer material for external support. The case also features reinforced corners to protect the iPad where it's most vulnerable to damage from accidental bumps.

Booq: The Folio (iPad 3; $50 to $90) is a folio-style case with a cover that can be folded around and used to prop up your tablet at both a viewing and typing angle. Compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature, the case is handcrafted using high-quality, all natural materials and is available in black, grey, sand, or purple. A more-expensive, all-leather version comes in a black/stone color combination.

Incipio: The Lexington (iPad 3; $40) is a hard-shell cover inspired by Apple's Smart Cover, but with back protection--it covers all sides of your iPad. The front portion folds into a stand for viewing or typing. The case comes in black over black, or grey over light grey.

The Kickstand (iPad 3; $40) folds around your iPad to protect it from bumps and scratches, and features a series of grooves that allow you to prop up your iPad at a variety of landscape-orientation positions. The case comes with its own stylus and is available in black, black with grey accents, or grey with light-grey accents.

The Smart Feather (iPad 3; $35) is a hard-shell back case that is only one millimeter thick and is designed to work alongside Apple's Smart Cover. It comes with a thin-film screen protector and microfiber cloth, and it's available in black, grey, blue, green, pink, red, creme, tan, navy, frost, dark grey, translucent mercury, or iridescent grey.

The NGP Semi-rigid Soft Shell Case (iPad 3; $30) is built from Incipio's "Next Generation Polymer," which offers excellent protection while remaining soft to the touch and providing an excellent grip. It comes in black, dark grey, blue, or purple.

The Executive Folio (iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3; $60) is a sleeve made from premium leather that combines a classic look with excellent on-the-go protection for professionals. It comes in black or brown, and it features a convenient clasp to keep everything secure during transport. If you prefer a more-animal-friendly material, Incipio also makes the UnderGround Sleeve (iPad, iPad2, and iPad 3; $30), which features a felt construction that's both elegant and modern-looking. It comes in charcoal.

iSkin: In addition to the Aura, which we mentioned in our first case roundup for the third-generation iPad, the company has now announced a full line of cases and accessories compatible with Apple's latest tablets. These include the Memo sleeve (iPad 3; $55), available in black, dark grey, grey, pink, or blue hi-tech leather; the Sling bag (iPad 3; $125), available in purple, blue, black, red, green, or white; the Bookworm SE (iPad 3; $63) folio; the padded Summit sleeve (iPad 3; $48), which can be had in black, purple, green, red, or blue; and the 3 Degree (iPad 3; $40). For a limited time, the company is offering discounts up to 50 percent on the new merchandise.

The Joy Factory: The SmartFit3 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $30) is a hard-shell case that offers featherweight design and heavyweight protection. Appropriately-placed cutouts ensure that all ports and cameras are accessible. The SmartFit comes in clear and Smoke.

The SmartSuit3 (iPad 3; $60) is a wrap-around case inspired by Apple's Smart Cover. It protects both sides of your iPad, and its front cover can be folded up to support the tablet at a viewing or typing angle in landscape orientation. The black case is compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature.

Finally, the Folio 360 III (iPad 3; $70) is an adjustable folio case that can both protect your tablet and, thanks to its rotating holder, prop it up in either landscape or portrait orientation at any angle between 90 and 165 degrees. It comes in black.

Kensington: The KeyFolio Pro 2 (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $100) incorporates a slim, removable, Bluetooth keyboard in a folio-style case that can prop up your tablet in landscape mode at a variety of angles between 20 and 70 degrees for maximum comfort while working or watching a video. If you prefer to work in portrait orientation, the KeyFolio (iPad 2 and iPad 3; $100) features a rotating holder.

Marware: The C.E.O Hybrid (iPad 3; $50) is a slim, versatile folio-style case that can prop up the iPad at three different viewing angles. Made using a tough-but-cool-looking impact- and scratch-resistant fabric, the case comes in red, pink, black, brown, or texturized black; features a convenient hand strap; and is compatible with Apple's magnetic sleep/wake feature.

The EcoVue (iPad 3; $55) is a folio made using leather tanned through an eco-friendly process that uses fewer toxins that the traditional method. The EcoVue can be flipped around to work as a stand, and it features a stylus holder.

The Microshell Folio (iPad 3; $60) is a wrap-around case with a design inspired by Apple's Smart Case. The back protects your tablet's aluminium surface from scratches and bumps, while the front features a trifold design that can be used to prop up the tablet for viewing and typing. It comes in black. A snap-on version (iPad 3; $35) that protects the back of the iPad and is designed to work alongside the Smart Cover is also available in black, red, or clear.

The EcoFlip (iPad 3; $55) is built using the same eco-leather material as the EcoVue, but features a flipcover design for working in portrait orientation. A pop-out stand makes it possible to prop up the iPad for viewing or typing, and a hand strap makes carrying easier.

Sena: The Florence (iPad 3; $80) is a simple and elegant case designed for those who want to protect their tablet while adding as little bulk as possible. It can fold to support the iPad for viewing or typing and is compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature. It comes in black, tan, red, or brown.

The Collega (iPad 3; $160) is a beautiful briefcase designed to hold your iPad while you're on the road. A convenient side pocket holds accessories and papers. It comes in black, red, crocodile black, or crocodile red.

The Keyboard Folio (iPad 3; $150) brings together a folio-style leather case that can prop up your iPad in a landscape-orientation viewing position and a Bluetooth keyboard to help you take your office on the go. It comes in black, brown, or red.

The Ultraslim (iPad 3; $60) is a low-profile leather pouch designed to keep your iPad safe without getting in the way when you're using it. Its soft-velvet lining protects your iPad's screen while inside the pouch, while strategically placed magnets use the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature to ensure your iPad doesn't wake up in transit. It comes in black, red, brown, white, lime green, or crocodile white.

The Folio Classic (iPad 3; $100) features an integrated stand and a convenient pocket to hold papers and cards. It's also compatible with the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake feature, and it comes in black, red, brown, tan, crocodile black, or crocodile red.

Targus: The Slim Case (iPad 3; $50) is a wraparound cover built of a soft material that protects both the front and back of the iPad while doubling as a viewing and typing stand. Available in black, red, blue, orange, grey, pink, or white, it is compatible with the tablet's magnetic sleep/wake feature and even comes with an ingenious hideaway stylus holder.

The Business Folio (iPad 3; $50) is a feature-rich folio case that comes with an assortment of pockets and can prop up the iPad at multiple viewing angles. It supports the iPad's magnetic sleep/wake function, and it also includes a handy stylus holder.

The Simply Basic (iPad 3; $30) is, as its name implies, a simple-but-elegant sleeve. The Simply Basic is made of stretchy, water-resistant neoprene and is designed to keep your iPad safe during transport without adding bulk. It's available in orange, blue, grey, or black.

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