The issues faced by 3G technology

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3 Nov 2010
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The 3G technique was successfully introduced to different users all over the world. Still the technology is facing some problems. In fact there are some issues that are experienced by both the people providing the 3G service and the 3G users. Here is a look at those issues.

The first issue is an expensive input fee required to earn a 3G service license. This means that there are not many providers who can afford to provide the 3G services. Also there are a large number of differences in the various licensing terms.

The necessary infrastructure for 3G is very difficult to build. This is because there is a large amount of debt that is sustained by many telecommunication companies as of now.

There is no member state support for the financially troubled 3G operators. Also the 3G phones are really expensive. There are not many 2G mobile users who want to convert to the new 3G wireless services. There also is a lack of coverage in the 3G communication service, because it is still comparatively new.

Another issue faced by the 3G technology is that the 3G mobile services are very highly priced. In some countries, it also includes Internet access which is really expensive for normal users. The 3G service also faces an issue of a lack of 3G voice and data services available in a in a mobile phone device.

The 3G technology is really a new thing and it has brought a revolutionary innovation in the mobile technology but it still is in an immature stage. It will take some time before everything can be settled. 3G service is a wonderful mobile technology, it will take some time to set in but it will definitely come up as the most wonderful mobile technology.
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