The iPad is responsible for 1% of the world’s web traffic


7 Apr 2011
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One percent isn’t a large number, but one percent of all web traffic around the globe is still a lot of traffic. Accoridng to a NetMarketShare report from Net Applications, the Apple iPad is responsible now for over 1% of all web traffic in the world, and in the United States it’s more than double: approximately 2.1%.

Normally it’s not terribly interesting when one device takes or gives up a percent of its web market share, but the iPad is a peculiar case. First of all, the product simply didn’t exist two years ago, and neither did the tablet market as we know it today.


For a new product and a new market that didn’t exist 15 months ago, it’s fairly significant that enough people have purchased and are using the iPad to surf the web in large enough numbers to be noticeable. To compare, Net Applications notes that all smartphones and tablets only make up 5% of global web browsing, and 8.2% in the United States.

The numbers say good things about the iPad, and how eager people have been to adopt the device for ostensibly what the device is best used for: browsing and using the web. At the same time, however, it finally answers the question of whether or not there’s a market for tablets: clearly there is, and the numbers prove it.

The iPad’s web traffic numbers have been on the rise for months, and even though other tablet competitors have been met with skepticism from most analysts and reviewers, many consumers have embraced those devices as well. Consumers are clearly interested in tablets, and in large numbers. The real question is where that interest will peak, or whether a new device will emerge to take its place.

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