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10 Mar 2012
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Dolby® 3D glasses-free 3D is a suite of technologies developed by Dolby and Philips® that is applied to both 3D content and displays. It provides viewers with easy, exciting, customizable 3D viewing:

Delivers a spectacular, vivid, and clear 3D picture
Works on any 3D TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone
Automatically optimizes 3D content for the specific device and screen size
Upgrades half-resolution to full-resolution 3D (for both glasses-free and traditional glasses-based 3D)
Lets viewers sit anywhere in the room for great 3D, rather than in one small area


With Dolby 3D technology, broadcasters can finally deliver spectacular, consistent 3D content.

Glasses-Free 3D for the Future

Broadcasters at last have a compatible, practical way to provide a premium 3D experience to their subscribers.

Enables 3D services to offer full HD 3D resolution while keeping compatibility with existing devices
Consistently delivers the most enjoyable viewing experience
Retains backward compatibility with today’s 3D ecosystem
Maintains the integrity of the content
Delivers best-quality 3D to any device, with efficient bandwidth use
Dolby 3D upgrades half-resolution 3D signals to full-resolution 3D by adding an enhancement layer that typically increases data requirements by only 10 percent. Among other advantages, this efficiency allows Dolby 3D to optimize the entire system for streaming or downloading content to any device.

Broadcasters can deploy Dolby 3D without worrying about ongoing improvements in 3D displays, because the technology works on all of today’s and tomorrow’s TVs.

Dolby 3D is available now for use in streaming applications on connected TVs, tablets, and smartphones—regardless of the display technology used in the device.
Cameron-Pace Group, Dolby and Philips Strike 3D Alliance

When James Cameron saw a Dolby 3D glasses free system at last year’s IBC he said: “I now feel motivated again to continue with 3D”, and “There is room for improvement but this already good enough for the consumer market, you guys are the first to blow out the door”.

Dolby 3D is a holistic 3D HD format and suite of technologies designed to deliver full HD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices not just glasses-free displays. It is a joint project between Dolby and Philips Research to advance the timeline for the technology that many believe will drive up 3D content consumption.

Variety reports that CPG will integrate Dolby 3D into its future content and collaborate on its use with a goal of creating smart content that adjusts the 3D settings automatically. The 3D production company will embed information on how the content was created into all content created with a CPG workflow, so that information is available when content is played back on a Dolby 3D device.

CPG co-chair Vince Pace said: “The model for 3D success is from companies that know what they’re doing, know the combination of quality and technology. So Dolby was a perfect fit for CPG.”

It was also announced that The Foundry plans to demonstrate the future integration of the Dolby 3D format into its Nuke and Ocula post production products. “We’re building [Dolby 3D] into the existing tools,” Simon Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder of The Foundry, said to Hollywood Reporter. “To get 3D to grow I think we need to follow through on initiatives like this one.”

During the Future of 3D session at the recent 3D Creative Summit, Roland Vlaicu, Senior Director of Broadcast Imaging Dolby, said that the company is getting ‘phenomenal’ feedback from the TV manufacturers they were talking to, after integrating the technology into a branded 55” set. Roland expects branded glasses free 3D TVs to be on the market within the next two years.

James Cameron Forms 3D Alliance With Dolby, Philips | Variety

Dolby Gets Support of The Foundry, Cameron|Pace Group for Glasses-free 3D - Display Central

Does content encoded in the Dolby 3D format include the ability to show the content in 2D, glasses-based 3D and glasses-free 3D? ”Yes, content encoded in Dolby 3D can benefit various 3D playback scenarios including glasses-based and glasses-free 3D,” explained Dolby Sr. Director Broadcast Imaging, Roland Vlaicu. ”There are different operating modes in Dolby 3D which allow the content distributors to optimize the format and required bandwidth based on the application, such as OTT or broadcast.”

Does a TV WITHOUT a decoder just ignore the depth map and metadata to display a 2D image? ”Dolby 3D uses a layered coding mechanism specifically for the purpose of maintaining backward compatibility with existing devices,” continued Vlaicu. “Some devices may only require and decode one of several layers of enhancement, such as full-resolution enhancement for side-by-side signals. Other devices such as glasses-free 3D TVs with Dolby 3D will decode all layers for optimal playback. Legacy devices will always be able to function in the same way they do today without any downside.”
International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society Announces 3D Technology Award Winners
The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society has announced the honorees of its 2013 3D Technology Awards. The 5th annual awards will be held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood on September 18th. The Society also confirmed today that 9 of the top 10 worldwide box office revenue leaders this summer are in 3D.

The Society's Lumiere statuettes for Technology will be presented to honorees including:

Weta Digital - "Visual Effects Pipeline" (New Zealand)
StereoD, LLC. - "CTAC-MAM Pipeline" (USA)
Dolby Laboratories, Inc. - "Dolby 3D: Glasses-Free 3D" (USA)
Park Road Post - "3D HFR Pipeline" (New Zealand)
RealD, Inc. - "Precision White Screen Technology" (USA)
Masterimage 3D - "CellMatrix 3D" (Korea/USA)
SGO - "Mistika Post Production System" (Spain)
Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute - "TimeLab - Omnicam" (Germany)
Tim Dashwood - "Stereo3D CAT" (USA)
Legend3D - "2D to 3D Conversion Pipeline" (USA)
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