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Social media companies including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook are removing a viral conspiracy theory video because of its claims regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The approximately 26-minute video was presented as an extremely long “trailer” for a full-length film titled “Plandemic” and features an extended interview with Judy Mikovits, a well-known figure in the anti-vaccination movement who has made various discredited claims about the effects of vaccines.

'Plandemic' conspiracy video removed by Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo - The Washington Post
  • Verizon said on Thursday it is pulling advertising on Facebook and Instagram.
  • On Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League released an open letter that mentioned, in part, that it had found an advertisement for Verizon “appearing next to a video from the conspiracy group QAnon drawing on hateful and antisemitic rhetoric.”
  • Facebook’s stock was down nearly 2% Thursday evening.
Verizon is pulling advertising from Facebook and Instagram
Canon has suffered a ransomware attack that impacts numerous services, including Canon's email, Microsoft Teams, USA website, and other internal applications.


Canon's cloud photo and video storage service resulting in the loss of data for users of their free 10GB storage feature.

Canon hit by Maze Ransomware attack, 10TB data allegedly stolen
Alphabet Inc's Google is facing a new antitrust case in India in which the U.S. tech giant is alleged to have abused its Android operating system's position in the smart television market, a source and two lawyers involved in the case told Reuters.

The case is Google's fourth major antitrust challenge in India, one of its key markets where it is currently facing public criticism from local startups for enforcing certain policies and company charges they contend hurt their growth.

Google faces new antitrust case in India over abuse in smart TVs market, sources say
France's antitrust watchdog slapped a 500 million euro ($593 million) fine on Alphabet's Google on Tuesday for failing to comply with the regulator's orders on how to conduct talks with the country's news publishers in a row over copyright.

"hinese research teams have made marked progress in superconducting quantum computing and photonics quantum computing technology, making China the only country to achieve quantum computational advantage in two mainstream technical routes, while the US has only achieved a "quantum advantage" in superconducting quantum computing, analysts say."
Link- Chinese researchers achieve quantum advantage in two mainstream routes - Global Times
They are absolutely going wild over tech stuff. With decline of US and incompetent India, we are in for a century of Chinese tech supremacy.
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