TCS can beat slowdown best: Study


12 Jan 2012
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TCS can beat slowdown best: Study

BANGALORE: Tata Consultancy Services has topped a peer endurance study conducted by management consulting firm Hay Group among 39 IT companies in India, including MNC arms.

The study tried to capture the consistency of overall performance (financial and others) that the companies have displayed during recessions or other financially or operationally difficult times. On a scale of 10, where 10 is the highest endurance capacity, TCS scored 8.47, followed by Infosys Technologies at 8.43, Wipro 8.07, IBM and Microsoft 7.95, HP 7.81, HCL 7.74, Cognizant 7.47, Accenture 7.36 and Cisco 7.5.

The study was conducted around nine parameters including talent management , corporate social responsibility and sustainability, innovation, corporate governance, performance and investor value, financial soundness, product and services quality and leadership development.

"TCS has shown additional endurance in terms of consistency in overall performance, especially during recession , operationally challenging environments and financially lean periods," said the study.

The talent management parameter sought to find out how successfully companies were able to attract, hire, harness abilities to build a second layer of leadership talent. In this, TCS scored 8.37, followed by IBM 8.28, HP 8.12, Infosys 8.05, Wipro 8.07, Microsoft 8.02, Cognizant 7.64, Accenture and HCL 7.52 and Cisco 7.48.

In performance and investor value, TCS secured 8.47, Infosys 8.38, IBM 8.26, Microsoft 8.19, Wipro and HP 8.05. In financial soundness, IBM topped the list at 8.63, followed by Infosys at 8.32, TCS 8.30 and Wipro 8.16.

In leadership development, IBM topped at 8.26, followed by Wipro at 8.23, TCS 8.16, Infosys 8.10, Microsoft 8.07, HP 7.98, Accenture and Cisco 7.69, Cognizant 7.38 and HCL 7.31.

In corporate social responsibility, sustainability, green consciousness and optimization of resources, Wipro topped at 8.37, followed by TCS 8.35, Infosys 8.05, IBM 8, HP 7.63, Microsoft 7.58, Cognizant 7.38, Cisco and HCL 7.36 and Accenture 7.29.

In innovation (in management thinking , client handling, market approach, product and services design and delivery ), IBM secured 8.23, TCS 8.16, HP 8.09, Wipro 8.02, Microsoft 7.98, Cisco 7.69, Accenture 7.52, HCL 7.5 and Cognizant 7.4.

In products and services quality, Wipro scored 8.19, TCS, Infosys and HP scored 8.14 each, IBM 8.02, Microsoft 7.84, Cisco 7.74, Accenture 7.71, HCL 7.67 and Cognizant 7.45.

Gaurav Lahiri, MD of Hay Group India , told TOI this was the first in-depth peer-to-peer study the group had done in India. "Globally, we follow a $10 billion dollar revenue cut off for this study, but we have eased that rule in India to include more participants,'' he said.

The study was part of Hay Group's larger survey, 'India's 50 Most Admired Companies' . Some 507 top executives across 291 steel-to-software companies were interviewed between October 2011 and January 2012 for this study.

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