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Discussion Suggest strategy to choose right MOOCs and Course which would be helpful in job search & career development for students, freshers & Professionals

Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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Guys as we all know due to covid-19 from last year 2020 . unfortunately many lost their jobs and even most of students ended up studying entire sem online. All people started learning from MOOCs - still most of them are confused on deciding on how to choose righ mooc platform & right course which helps them in job search and career upbuilding. As there are several courses free and paid . some of them are highly priced though they do provide option to learn free without certification by auditing or by paying fee for the paid certification. there is good youtube videos or free resources they are unorganised or focused on basic levels. aS our forum is for tech related forum even online learning site is using latest LMS software & proctoring tech.

It would be useful if our fellow experienced members share their strategy/tips on choosing rifht mooc course or right mooc platform. there are several mooc platform coursera, edx, udemy, udacity ,indian - upgrad, simplilearn,swayam,nptel etc.

for freshers would be helpful in choosing right course and professional taking right decision for career search.

it would be very useful for freshers and students in utilizing their trick's and would help them to improve their skills or optimize their learning method.

(note- frankly not sure whether to put in ott & website or other section - as its suggestion related posting in this section.
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