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24 Mar 2016
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Hi guys,

Hope you're doing well!

I am planning to buy a phone in the coming sales. Please suggest me a phone based on following requirements

  • Budget:Upto 30K to 35k
  • Performance requirements: Average (Not a gamer)
  • Camera: Should be superior
  • No Chinese brands. I prefer samsung but fine with OnePlus, Google pixel, etc as well
  • Few in my mind: Samsung galaxy A 53, Google pixel 6A
Please let me know your suggestion.
Since you mentioned Camera should be superior, I recommend you to get an iPhone or Pixel. If you are ok with iOS, iPhone 11 will be available below 30k in the upcoming BBD sale on Flipkart. I'm not sure if there are going to be any discounts on iPhone 12 regular version (iPhone 12 mini will be available for 40k), but if there are deals on this, it's a great choice. If you prefer Android only, Pixel 6a could be a good choice, as that will also be getting huge discount.
Which colour & do post some pic on wednesday.
I got a graphite one. Haven't clicked much but hope this will be enough to start.


Few clicks

Yes how is the battery ?
Do have any heating issue with this phone?

Thought to use for a week and then repsond.

Battery is not great as much as my previous M30s. Goes around a day.

Coming to heating issues I felt slight heat after continuous long usage but can't comment as I don't play much games otherwise.

An slight update on my galaxy love: I have also bought galaxy watch 4 🤩
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