Discussion Suggest me a 125 cc Scooter.

. I hope EV takes prevalence as dependence on coal and petrol with geopolitical tensions it will be a headache for India
Most of the rare earth metals used in EV batteries are mostly coming out of China. Unless there is a huge uptick in production of energy from renewable sources, even if you have an EV you are still dependent on Coal , gas or Diesel powered stations for the most part for the power.
I have different take on this, 2W are highest number of vehicles plying on the road so if we can reduce petrol driven 2W then it will help reducing pollution in cities to some extent.
Get Suzuki Burgman Street 125. Best handling, balance and great acceleration in highways, easily flickable. I bought mine in 2019 and ridden 24k km still looks new, engine is silent and acceleration is great. Just do service every 3k km. Suspension is a little stiff. If you have good roads in your area then this is the best scooter but dont buy if roads are bad. If the roads are bad, Honda Activa with its soft suspension is the best. Buy from a Japanese manufacturer as their engines are durable and run hassle-free for decades.
Honda Activa... It may not be as lightweight as others, but it is super stable as weight distribution seems across the board.
My roommate has one and has been riding it well without major issues for ~2 years...
No EV as of now.Heard activa has low mileage & a hard suspension.
Suggest you to Take test drive ola sx1 which is available for 70k.

Suzuki Access 125 is the best among 125cc Scooters, Go for Activa in case of 110cc. Just keep in mind that mileage will be less in case of 125cc, but you can enjoy the extra pickup and power
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