Steve Jobs wanted to call 'iMac' 'MacMan'


2 May 2011
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WASHINGTON: Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wanted to name the tech giant's popular Mackintosh desktop computer as 'MacMan', instead of iMac.

Kevin Segall, the man behind Apple's 'Think Different' campaign, in his upcoming book, has revealed how Jobs invited everyone to a meeting to reveal the computer that would put Apple back on the map.

"The group let out a collective "holy cow" and simply tried to absorb and appreciate what we were seeing-because it shattered every idea of what computers were supposed to look like," Segall writes in the book.

"It was a colorful one-piece computer that showed off its inner circuitry through a semitransparent shell," he added.

Once the computer was on the fast-track to production, the group was called together once again to come up with a name for the revolutionary device.

According to Mashable, Segall recounted Jobs saying to the group, 'we already have a name we like a lot, but I want you guys to see if you can beat it. The name is 'MacMan.'

After comparing the name to both Sony's Walkman and the popular arcade game PacMan Segall suggested the name that finally stuck: iMac.

Segall revealed the iMac name was not originally a hit with Jobs, the report said.

It took a few attempts and a little persuasion to get him to stray from the MacMan name, he claimed.

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