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Raju lal

2 Jun 2018
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Reports suggest that Disney’s Starverse will enable an immersive 3D experience for fans of sports. In the words of Sanjog Gupta, the Head of Sports, Star & Disney India, “Our metaverse is called the Starverse and the first iteration of this is an immersive 3D ecosystem for the sports fan. The sports genre organically lends itself to a multi-platform, multi-modal, and communal experience."

Is it the new UI they means?
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Is it the new UI they means?
No Not really. Metaverse is something different. It talks about how you can virtually interact with others like for example, you can attend someone's wedding or meeting virtually using your avatar and interact with others.

One of the reasons FB company name was renamed to Meta was for this reason as they aim to be the disruptor on this space.

More on Metaverse 👇👇

Impressive Innovation 🔥🔥🔥

Expecting Club Penguin next year. 🙂
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