Spy Kids 4 launches Facebook application

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7 Apr 2011
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Spy Kids 4 : All The Time In The World, an upcoming film to be released on 19 August, has launched its Facebook application titled Game play.

With this, fans of Spy Kids fans can now be a part of this unending adventure and can control the action through buttons.

A user has to choose an agent: Agent dad, Agent Mom, Agent Girl or Agent Boy. The goal of the game is to outsmart the Timekeeper and his henchmen through a series of puzzles and missions.

Game Play is built around a simple energy-based social mechanic system.Players have a limited amount of energy at any given time and must regularly replenish it in order to continue.

They progress through the game by completing various missions, each of which requires a certain amount of energy. Once a mission is completed, the required energy will be depleted from the user's inventory.

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