Sparkle GeForce GTX 580


7 Apr 2011
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When one thinks of buying a graphics card, Sparkle is probably one of the last brand names that comes to their mind. Whether you’ve heard of them of not, Sparkle has been in the GPU business for quite some time now and Palit are known for their aggressive pricing compared to veteran brands like Asus, XFX, etc. Today we have a GTX 580 from them in our labs and unlike the Asus GTX 580 we tested a few weeks back, this is the vanilla version of the graphics card.

Features and Design
As compared to the other GTX 580s we’ve seen, Sparkle has used very conservative packaging. The box is small and compact which I guess makes better logistical sense, as also does the job of getting the message across. This is the VGO edition (even though the box doesn’t mention it) which comes with the reference cooler while the ‘Guru’ edition has a fancier third party cooler and higher clock speeds. The bundle is standard, you get a driver disk, power cables, a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable and a ‘free pen’ (go figure).

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