Sony Xperia V comes with sensor-on-lens touch screen


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6 May 2012
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Sony has revelaed that its Xperia V will mark the debut for the sensor-on-lens technology. This technology combines the sensor and lens component of a standard capacitive display, reducing the number of layers, glare and other interference.

With the sensor-on-lens touch technology, there is one less layer of glass and one less layer of glue, compared to conventional touch panels. Typically, you will get less haze and about 5% better display luminance without those extra layers.

Also the phone is made lighter and thinner, as an extra glass layer is removed. This technology also moves the image plane closer to you as a user, which makes it feel like you are actually touching the image itself. With this direct touch experience, you will get less parallax issues compared to a conventional touch panel, as the image and the point of touch are closer together in the sensor-on-lens touch screen technology.

Sony believes that this will improve both image quality and the screen’s responsiveness.
Sony Xperia V comes with sensor-on-lens touch screen technology

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