Sony PlayStation 3 price drops in India - now starts from Rs. 16,990


5 Aug 2011
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Many of our readers were delighted with the news that Sony announced price cuts for the PlayStation 3, all across the world, and were quite eager to find out the revised prices in India. Sony India hasn’t taken too long to comply, with new slashed prices hitting Indian shores a day after Japan got its new prices.
Interestingly, Sony has dropped the PS3’s prices by more than the equivalent $50 drop it had announced earlier, making the news even more palatable. The new prices are as follows:
160GB PS3 – Rs. 16,990 (translating to a Rs. 3,000 price cut)
320GB PS3 (with the Move Starter Pack) – Rs. 19,990 (translating to a Rs. 2,500 price cut)
Unfortunately, there is no accompanying price drop in PS3 game titles. However, this makes the new variants and bundles of the PlayStation 3 a very attractive offering in India, when compared to the Xbox 360 bundles on offer. Microsoft, which recently dropped prices, might just have to reconsider its strategy in India.
We also expect the new low-cost PlayStation Portable, the PSP E-1000, to be making its way to Indian shores soon, after its release in Europe later this year.

Source : Digit Magazine.
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