Breaking Sony grabs another Star property; bags Olympics rights for mere $12 million

What is the 'good news',Star loose it or Sony got it?😉Anyway Congrats Sony for the catch.
Sony is now a threat for Star Network. it's good for customers in a way to end monopoly of star network
I don't think so.After IPL sony is ruling Sports genre.
I think the prefix should be breaking news, good news is not appropriate because it is looking like if any other network (like star,dsport) would have won this it would have been a bad news for us.

Plz update the thread suffix as breaking news.
by grabbing more live events Sony can maximize the revenue and ultimately can extend cricket rights too. i know it will take time

hoping for another channel launch from sony and getting hockey or badminton right with them
Sony will only go for all other remaining rights as Star is now not interested in acquiring others rights after huge amount gone for IPL rights.
I don’t know why people don’t like Star Sports these days bt I’m one of them
Btw great for Sony, next Olympics are going to be huge for India and will attract huge viewership.

Bad News...Since It Is 2020, Star Would Have Done Better In The Growing Technology. First Sony Should Improve In Cricket Broadcast. But Why No Body Contested For Rights Against Sony And They Take It For Just $12 Million...?
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