Software update : Nokia Symbian user

that's good news dear also my both c5 and e5 updated now......................:)
my E5 software updated, but there is no visible changes like our STB update.
That's very nice NON-DTH info. :)
I will update my nokia tonight and will tell the update info soon. ;)

You are a very good poster.
Update done & I found some good features.
First of all, browser is changed a lot. Tabbed browsing added.
In locked mode just press menu key then date & time will be displayed with swiping option to unlock the phone.
I am exploring mode and will let you all about the update soon.
Thanks KB for info. +1 REP from my side to you.

One more thing smiley support for sms & also attachment option added.
I don't find any tabbed browser or unlocking by swiping. Which phone you are using? Can
you please post some screen snaps.
@KB What error you getting.
As per link provided by you, Nokia has released a new firmware update for devices Nokia 5228, 5230, 5233, 5235, 5236 and the 5238.
So may be your nokia 51XX is not in the list.

swiping function is for TouchPhone only.
The new firmware brings some major changes for 52XX series handsets.
well its a symbian mobile software update your one is s40 series so you can't;)

Kamlesh Barjati said:
But i am unable to update my Nokia 5130
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