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SMS lingo penetrates school exams


12 Jan 2012
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SMS lingo penetrates school exams

I h8 dis, U dere, frenz njoy lyf, f9 and gud 9t.

Don't be surprised, these are not abbreviations or code words but the SMS (short message service) and internet chat language that has found its way into the answer sheets of the school and college students.

Surprisingly, such format is now almost being used regularly by the students in the class rooms leaving teachers perplexed. The habit has crept into the answer sheets of some students. When it happens in the class, the students are not harmed. But when the same abbreviations are used in exams, marks are deducted.

"A student wrote Tym mng is imp in lyf.( time management is important in life). I was shocked after reading that sentence. This is what is happening with the students. The need is to discourage students using cell-phone at school level," says Sandhya Anand a school teacher. She added that despite the fact that students know the correct way of writing these words, still they write the sms-language. "I was forced to deduct the marks of the student", she said.

"The text messaging has spoiled the spelling habits of children. Cellphones are being provided to students by parents at an early age. The result is that habit of short texting has become a habit and in regular writing. This is a matter of serious concern," a teacher Sandhya Anand said.

"I have noticed that there has been a decline in the quality of spoken and written English," said Archana Tayede, a city based school teacher.

She added that the regular use of the short-forms in SMS tend the students to repeat the same in classes and even in exams. "We need to overcome this problem as soon as possible," she claimed.

Students admitted that regular use of text language and chatting has led to their use in their studies also. "SMS and online chatting is a necessity in today's life. However, many times I mistakenly use this language in the answer-sheets as it has become a habit, I will try to change this habit asap" Class XI student Prakhar Nigam said.

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