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Skype is not supported on Nokia Belle, keeps crashing on some phones, here’s a soluti


16 Feb 2012
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We received several worrying tip in our inbox – Skype isn’t supported on Nokia Belle and it won’t work properly, specifically on the Nokia N8. Sure enough, we found multiple reports of crashes on Belle and going to www.skype.com/m we were greeted with a message that our Belle-running Nokia (for the record, 808 PureView) isn’t a supported device.


A bit of Googling revealed a workaround too, but you better sit down for this because it’s going to sound silly.

The solution that worked for many users is to set the theme to the standard Nokia Evolve (and you may need to restart the phone). That’s it – themes are not something that should cause issues with app compatibility, but apparently in this case they do.

By the way, the issue seems to be at least partially fixed on the Nokia 701 and 603, but there are still some issues that can lead to a crash.

Since www.skype.com/m won’t let us download Skype on a Nokia Belle phone, we tried Nokia’s app store, but that was no go too (you can try using the web interface and set your device as Nokia 603 or 701). As a final resort, you will need to find an install file through Google if Skype isn’t already installed on your device.

If you have a Nokia Belle phone and you’re a Skype user, share you experience in the comments – what phone you’re using, what OS version and any solutions that might have worked for you.

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