Ship with 11 Indians hijacked


12 Jan 2012
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Ship with 11 Indians hijacked

Twenty-six crew members, including 11 Indians, have been held captive by suspected Somali pirates after the hijacking of a Liberian-flagged crude tanker off the Omani coast, the Directorate General Shipping said on Saturday.

The pirates boarded MT Smyrni while it was sailing in the Arabian Sea on Thursday afternoon, a DGS statement issued late this evening said. The DGS has asked the ship's manager and recruiting agent in Mumbai - Dynacom Tankers Management - to obtain information on the condition of the Indian crew. The vessel, loaded with 135,000 tonnes of crude and owned by a Greek company, is headed towards the Somalian coast, it said. The abducted Indians include the master of the vessel, which also had 14 Filipinos and a Romanian.

According to a BBC report from London, the hijacking is thought to have happened about 630 km off the Omani coast.


Thats a route, doesnt belong to anyone. Moreover this ship was coming from Greece...
Yes, Indian Navy does as much patrolling as possible and saves a lot of ships from pirates...
Now a days ships managements are taking a lot of safety measures to overcome all these hijackings. They are taking Razor wires & Barbed wires for rolling the entire ships entrance area and even some ships are taking Male Manequins, dressing them in Navy dress and equipped with toy Machine gun etc.. in order to have feeling to hijackers that Navy people are there.

May be this ship doesn't have taken such safety measures. Bad luck of them.
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