Share Your own friendly Digital paint or Doodle ( lets try our creativity ) use mouse or touchscreen

Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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Guys lets Relive our Childhood but please dont end up posting same picture drawn by others , you need not be really good in drawing even i took took reference pic and they try to draw using mouse . you can also share doodle which are kid & family friendly even same applies for Digital art . use paint app in ms or just doodle in your smartphone or paint. I understand our is technology forum that's why i considered only digital one. so that we also start try brush our skills. so that all dont end up posting often . there is limit restricted only 1 person can post 1 art in each day . 1 more important condition please Dont copy or share some other persons art. you can use a picture as a reference but dont entirely copy from it use your ideas. One more thing so that its not ends up getting only replies from same person plz restrict only 1 person can post art in one day it applies even to me .

Guys sometimes do sketch & doodle instead of just watching or playing games. sketch paint topic only draw which are kid friendly

Please put your user name on your sketch or doodle so that others are not able to copy it.. & do explain your art description in one line or 2 lines max. so others could know what its about. or what you drew.
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here is simple art i made through reference still cud not make it properly small triangle you cud call them man made satellite annd small black dots . in spacer it would very small in comparision to earth. i made mistake by making it lil bigger. and earth is much more far frm sun compared to the art . dark circle moon.

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