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5 Aug 2011
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Hackers, pickpockets, snoops, and spies--it's a dangerous world out there.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can work from practically anywhere. But now it's also easier than ever for other parties to compromise your mobile tech gear by sniffing out your Wi-Fi traffic, stealing your passwords, and even peering at your print jobs.

What's more, if you're working on the go, you're probably carrying a $500 smartphone, a $1000 laptop, or other expensive gadgets--netbooks, tablets, cameras, and so on. It doesn't take a sophisticated session-hijacking trick to jeopardize your security, cost you a lot of money, or otherwise inconvenience you. All it takes is a second of carelessness and someone with sticky fingers.

Don't worry--we've assembled a collection of how-tos aimed at helping you secure your tech, stay safe on public Wi-Fi, and keep your information out of a hacker's hands.

And if the worst happens and someone steals your stuff, we have a few tips to help you get your gear back. (These tips also apply if your smartphone has simply fallen in between your couch cushions. No big deal; that happens to us, too.)

You know what they say: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So get reading.
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