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Secure Your Pc With Airtel Broadband


3 Nov 2010
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Airtel Brodband Provide PC Secure is an antivirus package powered by F-Secure,
New Version F-Secure 9.0 available With Airtel brodband,
Parental Control: You can block undesired content for your children and view logs of the sites visited.
Time Lock: Lets you define at what time your children can access.
360-degree Security: Scans not only your PC, but also CDs,USB sticks,Internet surfing & downloads.
Best Protection: Extra fast virus protection provided by the world's most reputed antivirus research team.
Firewall: Ideal for 'always-on'broadband connection with protection against hackers,Trojans,worms & other malwares.
Spyware Protection: Surf without fear of personal information being send to third parties.
Minor investment, can just pay for one month if required

Subscription Charges :
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