Scientists Develops Artificial Womb For Premature Babies


31 Oct 2014
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Great Scientific Achievement:eek:hya
Here Iam Sharing What I Understand From The Below Link

As Of Now,Incubator System Is Being Used For The Growth Of Organ Specially Lungs And Proper Blood Circulation

But This Incubator System Leads To The Death Of Nearly 70% Of The Premature Babies

Even If Any Of Them Survived, They Are Accompanied With Permenant Disabilities

To Overcome This,Scientists From US Develops Artificial Womb Which Is Filled With Amniotic Acid

Initially,The Scientists Tested The Artificial Womb With 5 Lambs Which Prooves Highly Successfull i.e The Artificial Womb Ensures Proper Growth Of Organs And Proper Pumping Of Heart,Fur Growth,Growth In Lungs
In Lambs

For,Additional And Full Information Refer Here

Scientists develop fluid-filled artificial womb to help premature babies| Reuters
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