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save battery


7 Apr 2011
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>>Here are the ten
tips to save your
laptop battery life.
Tip 1. If you are
working in a place
where there is an
available power
source, plug in the
laptop. Access to
any power source
will help save
battery through
charging and make
the battery ’s life
span last longer.
Tip 2. Make sure
that free air is
flowing through
the laptop.
Battery tend to be
overworked when
the cooling system
is blocked, so
make sure that
the cooling fan
functions properly
and is not blocked
for air to flow
Tip 3. If you want
the laptop battery
to last longer than
normal, reduce the
CPU speed. You
can do this by
changing the
battery’s power
options to check
balanced or power
saver. These two
options tend to
minimize the
processor speed.
Tip 4. You should
also defrag
regularly to make
the hard drive
work faster. Once
the hard drive
works faster it will
demand less use
of battery. Plug
the laptop on a
power source
while defragging.
Tip 5. You can
also lessen your
use or plugging of
USB and other
external devices,
including Wi-Fi and
mouse because
these devices can
drain your battery.
If you ’re not using
them just remove
them from the
connection or shut
them down to
avoid too much
usage of battery.
Tip 6. You must
also clean the
battery contact of
your laptop every
month using a
clean cloth
moistened with
rubbing alcohol.
Doing this can
transfer power
from the battery
to the laptop.
Tip 7. Using the
hibernation mode
can also help save
your battery while
you do something
else and make you
resume your
computer work in
an instant.
Tip 8. Never do
multitasking. When
using your laptop,
do one task at a
time. Multitasking
can drain out
battery faster and
you’ll end up not
being able to finish
anything at all.
Tip 9. Turning off
scheduled tasks
such as anti-virus
updates online can
also save your
battery life span.
Tip 10. And lastly,
decrease laptop
volume or speaker
when not
The tips above are
just few in saving
your laptop
battery life span.
But if your battery
is not really
functioning as well
as it did before, it ’s
time to replace the
battery and
purchase a new
one. You may also
purchase a new
laptop with a more
efficient battery
span which can
solve your
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