Samsung Series 7 GAMER to use Diskeeper's ExpressCache

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9 Aug 2011
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With its Z68 chipset Intel introduced SSD caching (Smart Response Technology), a feature that would allow you to use an ultra small SSD as a read/write cache in front of a larger mechanical drive or array. We tested the feature earlier this year and came away impressed. While we still prefer a large SSD, if you can't afford one or aren't willing to deal with a SSD + HDD combo then SSD caching is a good alternative.

Unfortunately Intel's technology is limited to the Z68 chipset and some mobile chipsets. This is where Diskeeper comes in. At Computex this year we came aross a demonstration of ExpressCache. Like Intel's Smart Response Technology, ExpressCache is a software layer that lets you cache HDD reads/writes with a small SSD. Diskeeper partnered with SanDisk to demonstrate its technology, but the software doesn't have any specific SSD or chipset requirements. At the time we were told that the first systems preloaded with ExpressCache would begin shipping later this year.

Today Samsung announced that its new Series 7 GAMER notebook will be the first to officially license ExpressCache for use in an OEM system. I've been testing an ExpressCache system here and hope to have a review comparing it to Z68 in the not too distant future.


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