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Samsung Galaxy SIII beats iPhone in UK


2 May 2011
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LONDON: Samsung's new Galaxy SIII has now become the UK's most popular handset based on live searches and sales, according to a survey.

According to the uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker, more Britons are looking online for Galaxy SIII than any other device.

Last month, the iPhone 4S replaced the previous model, the Galaxy SII, but the SIII pushed it down to second place on its first appearance in the online chart, The Telegraph reports.

Apple's iPhone 4S is at two, while the iPhone 4 is at seven.

HTC's One Series handsets now feature three times in the top ten, while Sony retains just one phone on the list, with its Xperia S at number ten.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at uSwitch.com, said that 'the SIII is living up to expectations.'

"But what is interesting this month is the arrival of the HTC One series as a major player in the smartphone market alongside Apple and Samsung," Doku added.

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