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Salaryman's Club | Streaming on Crunchyroll India

Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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Salaryman's club - anime show about a person who had trauma or injury during high school was a badminton prodigy but was forced to leave the sports due to injury and is currently working as salaryman as salesman job in beverage company he friended a good badminton player working there. show how working person as adults and also manage t work for their passion of badminton .

usually anime series is mainly about school or high school kids in sports anime . only few anime shows focuses on adults . it is nice to see finally anime show also focusing on adults working and as well as pursuing sports career based anime shows .

the new anime episode would be simulcasted on Thursdays , salaryman's club anime show is simulcast on Thursdays on Crunchyroll India started from today

as it is one of the popular anime shows the season thought to post in separate thread
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