RuPay Card's New 3D Secure Payment Gateway Support Recurring Payment, Tokenization, EMI, Quick checkout & more


21 Sep 2020
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RuPay Card Develop Brand New 3D Secure E-com solution "Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG)" to support New features like Recurring Payment, Tokenization, EMI, Quick checkout & many more:

RuPay card Migration to Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG) from existing Paysecure eCommerce platform -

In 2018, NPCI worked with member Banks to upgrade eCom transactions workflow from iFrame based methodology to URL redirection and during the same time RBI mandate w.r.t supporting ‘Hashing’ capabilities for eCom transactions were also certified for the member Banks. To further improve the consumer experience and overall performance, NPCI has created a new e-Commerce solution Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG) to enhance the customer experience and to change ourselves according to the market trends. Apart from supporting existing features of current eCommerce platform, Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG) will support a host of additional features.

Benefits of Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG) -

1) Enhanced consumer experience
2) Additional payment options on RuPay cards
3) No compromise on security and risk
4) Simplified architecture
5) Improvement in success rate
6) Self-healing system

Highlights of Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG) -

What’s New -

1) BEPG provides currently available functionalities of eCommerce system

2) Server to server API for ‘OTP Generation and OTP Validation’ during ‘Authentication’ of transactions.

3) Tokenization for In-App merchants and ‘Card on File’ to simplify consumer experience.

4) Quick checkout functionality where registered RuPay consumers can do transactions without Additional Factor of
Authentication (AFA).

5) Connected checkout functionality where Trusted Merchants can participate to register RuPay consumers to facilitate
transactions without Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA).

6) Amount and merchant name has been added to Issuer Authentication System (IAS) API call for consumer friendly
OTP delivery.

7) Online reversal message for payment gateways have been introduced to facilitate CNP reversals.

8) Subscription based transaction lifecycle has been added, which is aligned with policies that are discussed with regulator for approvals.

9) Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) solutions introduced for both Credit and Debit products.

10) Refund based on Original Credit Transfers (OCT) for quicker refund process to consumers.

11) Card to card payments for Credit card payments and balance transfer transactions for Credit cards.

Latest Circular Released by RuPay -

RuPay card working with Banks and Payment Aggregators and their Acquiring Banks to open Recurring Payment/Standing Instruction (SI), EMI and MOTO transaction in All POS terminals and Ecom websites like Google, GooglePay, Netflix, Bill payment, Insurance premium payment etc.

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) -

MOTO transactions are person not present scenarios at merchant level for ordering good or services from merchant by mail order or telephone order. For all RuPay credit cards, card holders should be able to avail recurring services from an acquiring Banks merchant.

Recurring Payment/Standing Instructions (SI) for RuPay Cards -

Standing Instructions are ways of making fixed payments at fixed periodic intervals (i.e) a particular day in a week or a particular date in a month without the Card holder initiating the transaction every time (i.e.) whenever the payment is due.

For enabling the SI functionality on RuPay cards, Merchants/Aggregators, their Acquiring Banks, will have to implement changes as highlighted below to facilitate SI to their Cardholders.

Tap on phone mobile PoS / Soft PoS -

RuPay is working on to drive new innovation through “Tap on phone mobile POS” which allow merchants to accept RuPay contactless transaction directly on their NFC-enabled mobile devices with no need for an additional connected hardware.

Tap-on-Phone technology allows approved merchants to simply download a supported app and use their existing Android NFC enabled mobile phone as a payment terminal. Making tap-to-pay work, it requires turning on Near Field Communication (NFC), which enables your phone to talk to the payment application residing in mobile device itself to process contactless transaction.

Below figure describes pictorial representation of Tap on phone transaction.


I think within a few months or year RuPay Card migrate to Bharat eCommerce Payment Gateway (BEPG). Already work-in-progress.
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